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Is Baptism Necessary?
in Christian Walk

Is Baptism Necessary to Be Saved?

Many have asked, “is baptism necessary to be saved?” Believer’s baptism is an important act in the Christian faith and is only performed once in a believer’s lifetime.  There is no salvation in the act...


October 15, 2017
Does God Exist?
in Inspiration

Does God Exist? The Ultimate Question

To the believer, not only does God exist but proof abounds and is evident all around us, from the farthest reaches of the universe to the tiniest genetic particle within us. To non-believers, “Does God...


September 17, 2017
The Most Important Book
in Testimonials

The Most Important Book

Author: Earl Taylor After his dad gave him a New Testament prior to entering the Marine Corp, Dave Martin has an opportunity to come nose to nose with his sergeant over the most important book...


August 28, 2017