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We are proud supporters of Baptist Mid-Missions (BMM). This page features excerpts from the BMM website. To find out more, please visit the BMM website.

About Baptist Mid-Missions

God burdened a Michigan pastor and his wife, William and Genevieve Haas, for the people of Africa and led them to serve there in 1911.  This missionary experience compelled them to seek Him for more workers. The Haases returned to the US to gather pastors, and William convincingly presented the opportunity and urgency.  They organized the General Council of Cooperating Baptist Missions of North America, Inc. (now Baptist Mid-Missions) on October 15, 1920, at the First Baptist Church in Elyria, Ohio.  Our first group of six missionaries courageously sailed a few weeks later to bring the gospel to French Equatorial Africa.

In 1953, the name was formally changed to Baptist Mid-Missions. Today they continue in the same spirit of reaching places and people who have not yet heard or responded to the gospel.



Baptist Mid-Missions - AfricaThe Baptist Mid-Missions family serves in more than 55 countries. Around the world you’ll find ministries that use unique methods to spread the gospel: aviation, radio, publications, camping, and many more.

No matter the specialty, each missionary’s goal is to use evangelism, church planting, and discipleship to establish strong, biblically based Baptist churches.


You never know how a little kindness may change a life … FOREVER! A few weeks ago during a very cold time, when we didn’t get above freezing for about two weeks straight, our coworker, Aunt Beth “Missy”Jones, was walking home from the post office when she met a man on the sidewalk. “Gonzalo,” as he is called, was walking with a walker, so going slowly, and had no gloves. After exchanging greetings, they began to talk and she offered him her gloves. Even though they were ladies’ gloves and tight on him, he gladly accepted them because he was so cold.

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Before I found Christ, my life felt pretty hopeless. I had problems with my dad, and a lot of people I had been closest to had turned their backs on me. I struggled with severe anxiety and depression.

After high school, I started going to Cleveland State University. At the time, I had very few friends left, due to different circumstances. I knew of a couple of people who went to the Campus Bible Fellowship (CBF) group there, so I decided to try it. I was not a very outgoing person and was terrified of being in a group of people I didn’t really know. I had met the then vice president of CBF at CSU, McKenzie, the previous summer, and she befriended me.

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Our houses sit 25 yards apart, but in many ways our worlds could not be further apart. My husband and I sleep on a bed, while Adela and her six siblings sleep on straw mats on the cement floor. We have hot and cold running water in the house. Her family has a spigot in their yard they use to fill barrels of water.

God’s training ground

Though her life is void of the conveniences we all take for granted, I really don’t know anyone as thankful and content as Adela. While I would consider her family dysfunctional, she would say it’s God’s training ground for learning to trust Him.

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People from many churches used to come to me and preach the gospel. They encouraged me that I could be a good Christian, but all their preaching was in vain. I felt that the world was mine, that is, earthly things occupied my heart. I drank wine, at first by doing it where no one could see me. I eventually developed a system to go drinking so that I didn’t need to hide anymore.

One Saturday, a group of friends and I went to play football (soccer). I was supposed to be the substitute. I went to where our bus was parked because I had left some beers in my bag. I got drunk and very few noticed it. On our way home, my friend and I decided that we should pay our coach (Pastor Harrison Banda) a visit.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the message

Pastor Banda preached to us a message that was so touching that it seemed as if it was sent for me.

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