Aug 2018
Who I Am in Christ

Who I am in Christ is not defined by the world but by the Word of God. Sometimes we need reminding of who we are as Christians. Next time you have the opportunity to say what it means to be in Christ, you can refer to the list below. Christ in you the hope of glory – Col.1:27 Who I Am in Christ According to the Word of God I am: God’s child for I am born again of the incorruptible seed of the WORD OF GOD which liveth and abideth FOREVER......

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May 2018
I Feel Like Praying

“I Feel Like Praying” is truly an inspirational prayer written by Gloria Price Pironti. I Feel Like Praying Oh, how I love you Father. I thank you for the love you show me. Providing for me, easing my mind when I am doubtful, soothing my heart when I feel pained, fixing my finances, and making a way when I couldn’t see a way. Holding my hand whenever fear feels much too real. These and more are the challenges that we all face but your word says that for those who believe, take......

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Sep 2017
Does God Exist?

To the believer, not only does God exist but proof abounds and is evident all around us, from the farthest reaches of the universe to the tiniest genetic particle within us. To non-believers, “Does God exist?” is the question of the ages, relying on science or math for validity. Christians do not rely on any tangible or analytical proof. They believe through faith in God, who is the creator of all science and math. Does God Exist in Theory Only? It may take more effort in denying the existence of God exist......

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