May 2018
What Christian Martial Arts Have Done for Me - Shaolin

What Christian Martial Arts Have Done for Me is a testimony by Michael L. McClure, republished from his blog. McClure holds the rank of First Sifu, equivalent to 6th dan, in Lonnie Sutherland’s Golden Dragon Kung Fu. He is also the pastor at West Park Baptist Church in Delray Beach, Florida. It was early September or maybe even late August of 1973. I was working on my schedule of classes for the fall semester at Tennessee Temple Schools. I needed a P.E. credit. Since 1965 P.E. had been: run laps, do sit ups......

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Feb 2018
Thank You Billy Graham

Author: Ellen R., Church Member This is a testimonial of how my family came to know the Lord.   Thank You Billy Graham – A Testimonial Thank you Billy Graham for preaching the Gospel and being a faithful servant. Thank you for leading my family to Jesus Christ. Heaven Bound, Right? Growing up Catholic, I never listened to any of Billy Graham’s evangelistic messages. My family believed that we were Christian because we were Catholic. We participated in mass, catechism, the seven sacraments, holy communion, confession – we embraced the Catholic church. I......

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Aug 2017
The Most Important Book

Author: Earl Taylor After his dad gave him a New Testament prior to entering the Marine Corp, Dave Martin has an opportunity to come nose to nose with his sergeant over the most important book in the world. Read how David Martin has held onto the most important book of all, the Bible. I left for the Marines in 1952. My dad, a Gideon, took me aside before I left and handed me a pocket New Testament. “Son,” he said directly, “Read this book every day. It is the most important book......

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