Central Missionary Clearinghouse

Central Missionary Clearinghouse


Central Missionary Clearinghouse (CMC) was established in 1974 as a non-profit corporation that uses evangelistic and missionary outreach to spread Christianity and its principles. The breadth of their work encompasses setting up churches and schools, as well as translating, printing, and distributing bibles and Christian literature.

CMC enables missionaries to work abroad by seeking prayerful and financial support from local churches. Many missionaries have sought CMC services and continue to provide for “… those for whom nothing has been prepared.” (Nehemiah 8:10). CMS serves 650 missionary families around the world.

At West Park Baptist Church, we are proud to support CMC and the missionary efforts of the Buchamer Family who are reaching the people of Paraguay. Information on this page are excerpts from the CMC website and materials provided by the Buchamers. To find out more go to the CMC website.


Heeding the CallNew Zealand Town

Diego and Jen Buchamer came from very different family and religious backgrounds. He was raised in a home void of Christianity. During his teenage years, his family considered going to church. In 1996, after a series of painful events, he realized he needed God. After a time, he accepted. Jen was raised in a Christ centered home on the mission field. She became born again in 1994.

They met at Word of Life Argentina as alumni and missionaries. They married in 2009 and started their adventure in serving Christ together. Their work is in Paraguay and have a motto “Share HIS LIGHT through LIFE.”

Paraguay’s NeedNew Zealand Sheep

​The Buchamers have been serving in Tobati, Paraguay. Tobati in Departamento de la Cordillera with it’s 9,952 citizens is a city about 44 mi (or 70 km) east of Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay.

The 22 neightborhoods that make up Tobati are referred to by locals as “colonies.” Tobati is the birthplace of one of Paraguay’s national independence heroes. Tobati is considered the nation’s center for craftsman and ceramic production. On December 8th, most Paraguayans will finish a long pilgrimage in Caacupe, (the religious center of Paraguay) 18 miles from Tobati. By foot, bike, or horse, thousands believe that this will earn them entrance to heaven.

“Tobatenos” are very religious. The reverence and worship “Lady Immaculate of the Immaculate Conception” and Nino Jesus (Jesus child). Every neighborhood will have its own oratory to ensure the children are indoctrinated in the religious traditions. Also, there are religious matriarchs that will teach catechism classes.

Working in the Field

As Junior Pastor in their local church, and as Sunday school coordinator, Jen and Diego are sharing the gospel with everyone God allows them to share life with.

Teaching through discipleship is taught weekly where the Buchamers have a chance to meet and open God’s Word to learn how to love and obey Him. Also, through their weekly lunch ministry, they not only serve a nutritious meal, but also make sure to have a time to learn from God and his Word. Their aim is to be a reflection of Christ.

As a church they are God’s ambassadors. “If we are to grow, we MUST multiply.” Only then can they reach every corner of the world.

The Buchamers encourage us all to play a part in the process of planting, watering, and reaping the harvest. “We are the laborers together with God.” I Corinthians 3:9

Keep up with the missions work in Paraguay and other countries, visit cmcmissions.org

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