Dr. Peter Colon: Sharing Bible Truths About Israel and Messiah


Dr. Peter Colon has worked in the Jewish ministry for over 40 years and is a representative of The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry in the South Florida area. He is passionate about sharing how scripture reveals the love God has for the Jewish people and the significance of Israel’s existence.

A Love for Israel

As a history enthusiast, Dr. Colon has spent years studying archaeology and has engaged in excavations in Jerusalem and Bethsaida (Golan) under the auspices of the Israel Antiquities Authority. Today, as more excavations take place in the Holy Land, substantial archeological evidence is being found to support biblical accounts of people, places, events, and cultures.

The Pilate stone is an authentic 1st-century Roman inscription. It is the earliest surviving, and only contemporary, record of Pontius Pilate, found in Caesarea, Israel.

In 1974, Dr. Colon came to know the Lord as his personal Savior. Two years later, he married his lovely wife, Janis. She came from a family who knew the Lord for many years. In 1977, both Dr. Colon and his wife sensed the call to serve the Lord as their vocation, and they have worked diligently in the Jewish ministry ever since.

Dr. Peter Colon and wife Janis.

A Light in a Dark World

His educational pursuits included taking specialized courses at Spertus College of Judaica in Chicago known for its learning opportunities that are “rooted in Jewish wisdom and culture and open to all.”  He has participated in the Jewish Studies program at Moody Bible Institute and attended the Institute of Holy Land Studies in Jerusalem.

Currently, Dr. Colon is a professor at Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary in Southeast Florida. An avid writer, his articles appear in the magazine Israel My Glory, in which he was voted its Higher Goals Award in the devotional category by the prestigious Evangelical Press Association in 2006.

Israel My Glory Cover

Soul-Stirring Filmography

Filmmaking is another interest of his. Dr. Colon is the writer and producer of the film Rossvally: From the Synagogue to the Saviour, the true-life story of Civil War figure Dr. Max Lewis Rossvally. Watch the trailer at Rossvallythemovie.com

Rossvally: The Movie

His latest project in the works is Purimfest1946, under the new title of God’s Judgment at Nuremberg. The live sermonic presentation features a chaplain who testifies before a military tribunal during the Nazi trials after World War II. Visit the website and view the trailer at Purimfest1946.com.


A Messenger of Hope

Dr. Peter Colon continues to bring the Good News to Jewish individuals and audiences through his many works. He shares scripture with Christians, explaining the importance of loving Jewish people, supporting Israel, and how it is integral to the Christian faith. His wish is to reach as many people as possible to deliver the message of hope. He says, “Heaven is a free gift provided by God. It’s a fact, you can know without any doubt, that Heaven is your sure destiny after this life on Earth.” 

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