Let There Be Peace On Earth

Let There Be Peace On Earth

Let the world take pause if just for a moment,

When warring factions lay down their arms

And recognize each other’s humanity;

When disagreements turn into mere points of view,

And transgressions are dispelled through forgiveness;

When trials and temptations ease into welcome respite,

And patience conquers anxious hearts,

Let there be peace on Earth!


Good Christian laud our Christ has come

Our joy is full on Christmas day, on Christmas day;

When promised peace banishes fears,

And rising anger succumbs to calmer thought;

When burdens are lightened and pains release,

And brazen hearts soften through gentle voice:

“Let Peace prevail, your Lord is near.”

Let there be peace on Earth!


Make peace and share goodwill with all.

Celebrate peace on Christmas day,

When peacemakers honor their Lord,

And praise, praise His dear name;

When angels herald and shepherds wake,

For the Lord of Peace has come for all.

Rejoice, rejoice! Emmanuel has come!

Let there be peace on Earth!


==> And read Martha Snell Nicholson: Praises in Poetry.

==> Also read Rooted in the Father’s Love.


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