Retirement Home Service


Retirement Home Service

Retirement Home Service

Be a blessing to those who reside in retirement homes. The bible teaches us to respect our elders and take care of them. For just a couple hours a week, you can participate in brightening someone’s day by sharing and bringing the gospel to them.

West Park Baptist Church conducts a Bible study for those who choose to attend each Friday morning at 10:00 a.m. at Grand Villa Senior Living, 1935 South Federal Highway, Boynton Beach, Florida. For more information contact the church at (561) 495-2107.

Why You Are Needed in this Ministry

Your visit may be the only highlight in an elderly person’s life. Many elderly are placed into senior retirement homes by families who are unable or unwilling to care for them. Many have little interaction with their families and often feel lonely and forgotten. Diminished physical and mental capacities can limit their interaction with those around them. Everything they have built up and experienced in their lives have brought them to this end stage. Imagine the joy they will feel when you light up their life with the loving words of the Gospel. You can make a huge impact in someone’s life with just a short little visit each week.

Benefits this Ministry Has for the Elderly

When visiting the elderly, you can make a difference in their quality of life. Taking an interest and doing God’s work will give them benefits like these:

  • Positive outlook
  • Uplifted spirit
  • Sense of belonging
  • Hopefulness
  • Cheery attitude
  • Feeling of self-worth
  • Mental stimulation

Is This Ministry for You?

Pray about it and see if God has placed a burden on your heart to minister to the elderly. Try it out and join our pastor to go to a Retirement Home Service on a Friday morning. You may be surprised that God has placed someone there who is just waiting to have an encounter with you.

Learn what the Bible says about caring for the elderly.