Rossvally: From the Synagogue to the Saviour

Rossvally: The Movie

On the battlefield of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in 1863, God used the testimony of a dying drummer boy to pierce the hardened heart of a Jewish surgeon. It is a true story of faith, courage, conviction, and salvation. The story is beautifully portrayed in the film Rossvally: from the Synagogue to the Savior, which was written and produced by Dr. Peter Colon, a Christian minister in Jewish ministry. The film is based on the personal testimony of Civil War Jewish army surgeon Dr. Max Lewis Rossvally. First published in 1876, his story continues to touch the hearts of many individuals.

Rossvally Portrait

While a surgeon at Gettysburg, Dr. Rossvally saw many soldiers with severe wounds, but one, in particular, drew his attention, a boy too young to be a soldier who enlisted as a drummer. His name was Charlie Coulson, whose grave injuries required amputation of an arm and a leg. The boy trusted in his faith in Jesus Christ to see him through the surgery without the use of chloroform. Dr. Rossvally was amazed at the boy’s deep-seated convictions in his Christian faith and did as the boy wished.

Rossvally movie scene.

Following surgery, Dr. Rossvally could not free himself from the thoughts of this boy’s deep faith. His own heart could not be quieted or reconciled. After all, he was a Jew who snubbed the idea of Jesus Christ. How could this boy draw such strength, comfort, and peace in his Christian faith until his dying breath? The boy whose life was fading looked forward to being in glory. Dr. Rossvally saw the stark difference between the boy’s convictions in faith and his own.

Rossvally portrayed in the movie.

From that time forward, Dr. Rossvally’s life would never be the same as echoes of the boy’s last wish continued to stir in his thoughts. Coulson told him, “Five days ago, while you amputated my arm and leg, I prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ to convert your soul.” Eventually, the day came when the boy’s wish came true.

Rossvally portrayed in the movie.

Dr. Rossvally’s family also came to know the Lord. He became a worldwide evangelist and his story has been translated into many languages. He helped form the Hebrew-Christian Association of New York that provided “spiritual improvement and edification of its members and the promotion of Christian faith and truth among unconverted Hebrew people.” He is buried in Lawnswood Cemetery in Leeds, England.

Rossvally grave in Leeds, UK.

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