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Jan 2019
Born Again Celebrities

Born Again Celebrities Give God the Glory Celebrities who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior give him the glory of their success in their careers. Among mainstream celebrities, there are those who live as evangelical Christians. They are not ashamed of Christ and speak freely of him at every opportunity. Some have written best-selling Christian themed books and others have endeavored to bring the gospel to others. Here are just a few who have achieved fame and popularity and shared their thoughts as believers. George Foreman George Foreman, former......

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Feb 2018
Thank You Billy Graham

Author: Ellen R., Church Member This is a testimonial of how my family came to know the Lord.   Thank You Billy Graham – A Testimonial Thank you Billy Graham for preaching the Gospel and being a faithful servant. Thank you for leading my family to Jesus Christ. Heaven Bound, Right? Growing up Catholic, I never listened to any of Billy Graham’s evangelistic messages. My family believed that we were Christian because we were Catholic. We participated in mass, catechism, the seven sacraments, holy communion, confession – we embraced the Catholic church. I......

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