The Secret Weapon

The Secret Weapon of God

That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.” – I Corinthians 2:5

We remember the words, “Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?” from Acts 26:14. With that singular event on the road to Damascus, the well-learned, cause-driven Saul was met by the power of God unknown to all around him except his horse. Saul ceased to persecute early Christians and became Paul, a follower of Jesus. Paul went on to become one of the greatest voices of the gospel, proclaiming the message to the gentiles in countries beyond Israel.

Nothing is impossible with God. He is quietly working in the hearts and minds of people in some of the most treacherous countries of the world where Christianity is being eradicated. We find the gospel of Jesus Christ burning brightly where we least expect it. What follows are excerpts from some hard-hitting news stories recently reported by Caleb Parke, an associate editor of Fox News…

Christian Genocide

Christian persecution is reported to be reaching genocidal levels in some countries. Iraq Christian Relief Council president Juliana Taimoorazy says that one out of nine Christians across the world are being persecuted. Watch the news clip…

The Iraq Christian Relief Council helps support, protect, and defend persecuted Assyrian, Syriacs, and Chaldean Christians in Iraq and other countries in the Middle East by providing emergency humanitarian aid, prayer support, and advocacy.

Fastest-Growing Church

People in Iran, a Muslim-majority nation, are fleeing Islam in droves as believers bow their knee to Jesus and become aggressively pro-Israel, according to the documentary Sheep Among Wolves Volume II.

“What if I told you Islam is dead?” one unidentified Iranian church leader says in the film directed by Dalton Thomas and produced by Frontier Alliance International Studios.

“What if I told you the mosques are empty inside Iran?” he continues. “What if I told you no one follows Islam inside of Iran? Would you believe me? This is exactly what is happening inside of Iran. God is moving powerfully inside of Iran.” Read the rest of the article…

I Didn’t Burn

An Iraqi Christian who said Jesus appeared to him twice in his dreams recounts being imprisoned by ISIS, tortured and burned three times by the terrorist group.

The man, a Yazidi, recounts his harrowing story in a documentary by Sean Feucht and Bethel Music entitled Heart and Hands: Iraq.

The man said he was stoned and ISIS members drenched him in 20 gallons of gasoline. But even though he was burned alive, he said he inexplicably survived unharmed. He credited Jesus for surviving. Read the rest of the report here.

A Light in True Darkness

Newly discovered North Korea propaganda footage sheds light on how the Communist regime trains state security agents on how to identify and silence Christians in the Hermit Kingdom.

The video obtained by The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM), a Christian nonprofit that supports persecuted believers all over the world, was shared with Fox News and translated by VOM-Korea staff. The previously unseen film shows the story of Cha Deoksun, whose life otherwise might not have been known to the world, and her belief in a deity other than Kim Jong Un. Read the report…

1,000 Souls

A pastor on the China-North Korea border shared his faith with at least 1,000 North Koreans in the Hermit Kingdom before he was assassinated in 2016, a defector claims.

Rev. Han Chung-Ryeol, a Chinese pastor of Korean descent, who ministered on the border town of Changbai since the early 1990s, was reportedly on Pyongyang’s most-wanted list as early as 2003 for his faith-based charitable work.

Han fed and sheltered thousands of North Koreans over the years — many of whom had fled the famine-stricken country in search of food and jobs. One of them, Sang-chul, shared his story in a short documentary from The Voice of the Martyrs, as a way to encourage believers around the world to participate in the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church on Sunday, Nov. 3.

The Secret Weapon Revealed

So what is this secret weapon? It is God’s love towards us that is so powerful that the whole world through Him can be saved. It is God’s love that has the power to convict a person’s heart and can cleanse him from all sin — a love so powerful that it delivers enduring hope that the world is unable to take away, a living hope not even death can conquer.

The secret weapon resides in believers and we are to live it, breathe it, use it, share it, in season, out of season. Be unafraid, because the secret weapon that is the love of God is so powerful, it always prevails.

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