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Feb 2019
God's Promises of Faith, Hope, Love

For those who are believers in God, He gives us promises of faith, hope, and love to sustain us in our daily life. We can rest in the knowledge that God loves us and cares for us as only He can. No matter how tumultuous our lives become, He is there with us. When friends fail us, He is there. He is with us in our joys, our hopes, our dreams and will never leave us. What can be more assuring than that? Nothing in this world can compare. It is through......

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Dec 2018
The Thrill of Hope

Let the thrill of hope ring in the new year! Christmas celebrations have ended but the hope it brings causes us to look forward to a brand new year with anticipation. Often, we see a new year bringing in new beginnings and new promises made. A new year can also bring new challenges to face, the unexpected, as well as successes and failures to learn from. The Thrill of Hope for Believers As Christians, we celebrate the thrill of hope every day, knowing that Christ will come again and we will reign......

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Nov 2018
The Perfect Gift

The perfect gift for your loved ones and friends shows how much you care for them. Christmas is a time for gladness and good cheer so make the best of the season. As the holidays approach, start thinking of what you can give them that is truly meaningful. The Perfect Gift For Christmas How about a gift that can last forever, one that will never fade, rust, break, or crumble. A gift so special, so unique that it gives hope, peace, joy, comfort, and assurance. Imagine the smile on someone’s face receiving......

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