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Dec 2018
The Thrill of Hope

Let the thrill of hope ring in the new year! Christmas celebrations have ended but the hope it brings causes us to look forward to a brand new year with anticipation. Often, we see a new year bringing in new beginnings and new promises made. A new year can also bring new challenges to face, the unexpected, as well as successes and failures to learn from. The Thrill of Hope for Believers As Christians, we celebrate the thrill of hope every day, knowing that Christ will come again and we will reign......

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Sep 2017
Does God Exist?

To the believer, not only does God exist but proof abounds and is evident all around us, from the farthest reaches of the universe to the tiniest genetic particle within us. To non-believers, “Does God exist?” is the question of the ages, relying on science or math for validity. Christians do not rely on any tangible or analytical proof. They believe through faith in God, who is the creator of all science and math. Does God Exist in Theory Only? It may take more effort in denying the existence of God exist......

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