Tag: peace

Nov 2018
The Perfect Gift

The perfect gift for your loved ones and friends shows how much you care for them. Christmas is a time for gladness and good cheer so make the best of the season. As the holidays approach, start thinking of what you can give them that is truly meaningful. The Perfect Gift For Christmas How about a gift that can last forever, one that will never fade, rust, break, or crumble. A gift so special, so unique that it gives hope, peace, joy, comfort, and assurance. Imagine the smile on someone’s face receiving......

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Jun 2018
Patience in Prayer

Patience in prayer is not always the case when we have anxious hearts. It happens to every believer at some point in our lives. At times, we pray and just can’t wait for God’s answer. We worry, are restless, and can be consumed with our circumstance. Four Tips to Having Patience in Prayer Decide who knows better to handle the circumstance, you or God.If you, then there’s a bigger problem than your circumstance. Place your trust in God for all things in your life and over any anxious impulse you may have......

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May 2018
I Feel Like Praying

“I Feel Like Praying” is truly an inspirational prayer written by Gloria Price Pironti. I Feel Like Praying Oh, how I love you Father. I thank you for the love you show me. Providing for me, easing my mind when I am doubtful, soothing my heart when I feel pained, fixing my finances, and making a way when I couldn’t see a way. Holding my hand whenever fear feels much too real. These and more are the challenges that we all face but your word says that for those who believe, take......

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